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50 Foot Wave – Golden Ocean

Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses fame) has a new band called 50 Foot Wave, as as their name sounds, its quite an overwhelming sound. Fast and ferocious i must say.

Debut album, Golden Ocean, out this week, check them out for sure:

PopMatters says :

“It does give meaning to rock ‘n’ roll, though, in an exciting way. Rarely do records come around that are such a great mix of a physical adrenaline rush combined with intellectualism. There will certainly be plenty of interesting records to come out this year, but if you were true to yourself, you would recognize early on that this deserves to be on your top 10 already.

(Kristin Hersh’s new band) 50 Foot Wave’s Golden Ocean, is a tremendous and immense record. It solidifies rock ‘n’ roll, specifically punk rock, as an important force in the music world. Golden Ocean makes punk rock vital. It brings it beyond the thrill of the three-chord art and pulls it to broad dynamics, personal and therefore more truly thought-provoking lyrics, and musicianship that must rival any ensemble of any sort in existence today. To look at it one way, Golden Ocean is easily the equivalent of Husker Du’s Zen Arcade or the more recent Mission of Burma’s onOFFon. It’s that good. It contains all of the ferocity, musical divergences, and the bonus of a thinking adult’s lyrics. To look at it in a more ethereal manner, imagine Kurt Cobain never killed himself. It’s been more than a decade since In Utero and Nirvana has put out a few great records since then. They continue to update their distinct loves — melody, punk rock, old folk and blues — to create some masterpieces. Now, in 2005, Kurt has decided to go back to his roots, propelled by the continued vibrancy of bands like Fugazi and Sleater-Kinney. Golden Ocean may very well be the record Cobain & Co. would have put out, complete with early mid-life crisis questions and raging vocals to prove that getting older does not necessarily mean mentally settling down.”


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