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For some reason I seem to have this fondness for 1980’s comedies that take place on forgotten Caribbean island nations. Ok maybe there are only two. Of course there is ‘Club Paradise’, which has the second best soundtrack ever made (behind ‘Breakin 2 : Electric Boogaloo’ of course), but there was also this small British film called ‘Water’ from 1985 that starred Michael Caine, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly (and star of ‘Head of the Class’ on ABC after the departure of Howard Hessman), Brenda Vaccaro (‘Supergirl’), Fred Gwynne (‘The Munsters’) and Jimmy Walker (‘Good Times’). Ok doesnt sound like a winner, but its pretty enjoyable and is about this British colony nation called Cascara, which instead of oil, has discovered bubbly effervescent lemon-scented water underneath their shores. Its hard to find but worth a look. Anyway this was my tribute to one of favorite movies ever.



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