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Japan Day Three

So yes ive seen the movie Dodgeball before, but since its the only decent thing here in English to watch, i watched it yesterday morning, and this morning as well. Its worth it, its very funny, but ive watched some Japanese TV which is interesting for awhile, and is as crazy as you are led to believe, buy you can only take it for so long. Im going to the video store today with Ash and her friends tonight as Wednesday is movie night, and will rent a few extras myself to watch when i get up at 6am everday cause of the time difference etc etc. The other choices I have in Ash’s collection are ‘I am Sam’, ‘Sideways’, ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’, so you know, i think ill pass.

Anyway yesterday was Day Three and it finally cleared up from raining around 4pm or so when Ash got home from work and ate, I left with her to her Japanese class and then I continued walking towards this old part of town which was just so beautiful. The streets were tiny, and some lined with lanterns on the ground, and some lined with streams that you could fall into and break your ankle if you werent paying attention. It was beyond beautiful and I did get some great photos to post when I get home. Its funny when you review your pictures on the camera monitor screen thing-a-ma-bob, and EVERY picture looks perfect, but then you download them and they are blown up to normal size and you realize you are lucky you get a few good ones. Granted night photos are tough, and i took about 160 pix. I deleted then down to 80 on my camera, then downloaded the others, so out of 80 i probably got about 10-20 good ones! But for night pictures that aint bad. When i walked back to the train station all the high school kids were getting home. All students here where uniforms, and like Japanese culture, kids work their butts off too. Getting home from school around 8pm is normal. Very strange to me. Anyway they were all getting SODA POP at the convenience store i mentioned before. When I walked down the underpass under the train station there was this group of Japanese girls who were giggling and saying ‘goodbye’ ‘goodbye’ as i walked past them. I just put on a big smile. I learned today too that when people here get their pictures taken in a group photo where you are supposed to say CHEESE or whatever, people here ALWAYS do the peace sign! I took a picture of this picture on Ash’s refrigerator that was taken of her and her fellow teachers and all the ‘locals’ are doing the peace sign!!!! Why are these people so adorable?? Oh as well I learned today that alot of places in Japan you will see the year listed as year 17, not 2005. Reason is alot of people and places still base the number of the year on how long the current Emperor has been in power. SO the current Emperor as been in power for 17 years, thus the date is 17.10.12 (year, month, day). Ahhhh the Empire of Japan. I think my book about this trip will be called ‘The Umpire of Japan’, just cause it sounds so stupid. Tomorrow I dont know what the deal is, and Friday im going out to Ash’s favorite bar here which is guess is pretty hip and cool and sleek and modern, and its down an alley in the little old neighborhood I was in yesterday. Then this weekend going to Hiroshima and Miyojima Island which is about 2-3 hours south of here by train. Going to Osaka next week. Thats all for now.


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