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Japan Day IV

So yesterday I walked around Nabari and took numerous photos, as is my plan today. It seems like im doing nothing, and in a way I am, but I am enjoying it. Im getting to know the town a bit and sort of living day to day life in Japan. I walked around this nasty area that looks like Route 2/Bald Hill Rd in Warwick, just a very long road of crap chain stores, but here if you look in the nook and crannies you can see some very pretty things, which is what I wanted to do to try and get some good photos. I went food shopping as well and searched around the food store. I guess they dont get deliveries at stores here as often as at home because half the food store was empty! But luckily they had the toast again that i liked. A loaf of this bread comes in 5 slices only, as they are the TEXAS TOAST style that i cant get at home, and im gonna miss very much here. I like the loafs of bread here too cause there are no ends. Just 5 slices, and thats it, no ends to cut off. GENIUS!

I also had an ice cream thing from the market and ate it on this bridge over this not too attractive river, and some other white guy walked back and we both glanced at each other as he passed by. Us white folk gotta stick together!!! When I got home I had a bag of cashews that were good but I think aggrivated the hunger I wasnt aware I had. I havent been all that hungry here but am not used to not having big meals!, and also didnt realize there could be some jet lag, even though i sleep normal hours and im not tired during the day. Anyway I got insanely dizzy and was bit worried but just rested for a few hours and it went away. Then Ashley and I went to BIG BOY restaurant with her friends Katie and Charly. This is their Weds night ritual to go there and then go rent movies (but they dont watch any together which I found funny, they just rent them and go home!). Anyway BIG BOY, like BOB’s BIG BOY, was ok. The steak fries were real good, and i got this chicken filet with herbs or whatever and it was ok. Had a strage consistency in parts but it filled me up. Again when we were there they saw some of their students, which they see everywhere. The kids there were Charly’s kids, a group of 8 or so high school girls. Its nice here that when kids see their teachers they are happy and get excited and want to talk. At home its usually quite the opposite, and usually involves some planning on how to slash their tires. Anyway the kids were all very sweet. We went to the video store and when we left there we saw the kid from the komona store or however you spell it that I mentioned in a previous post. He was with his girlfriend and was wearing normal clothes (Ash had never seen him outside his school uniform or work attire) which consisted of a black tshirt that had a drawering of a hamburger and it said ‘I AM DELICIOUS’. he seems like a free spirited class clown kinda guy. reminded me of some people from home. When we asked who the girl was he made a sign of a heart with his hands and his entire body and said ‘LOVE, LOVE’. they were a very cute couple, with bad teeth. Everyone has bad teeth here cause there is no flouride in the toothpaste! On the way home we passed the train station again as we always do and there was one of Katy’s students there waiting for a train, and as we approached him Katy explained hes probably going to say ‘what up bitches?’ or something to that effect. Anyway we approached him and started rapping some Eminem lyrics ‘im the slim shady, the real slim shady’, something along those lines. i guess he was obsessed with Eminem. Very nice kid. When we left he said ‘peace out mother fuckers’! I dont know if its like this in all of Japan but people are so nice here, and just relatively peaceful. Its a nice feeling walking around and saying HI to normal people and being courteous. Its hard to explain the nice feeling you get, but if youve been here before or go sometime, you should know what I mean.


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