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2005 – The 25th Anniversary of the Greatest Music Label Ever Known

Pixies I Cocteau Twins I Bauhaus I GusGus I The Wolfgang Press
Throwing Muses I Mojave 3 I TV on the Radio I Dead Can Dance
This Mortal Coil I Thievery Corporation I His Name Is Alive
The Birthday Party I Celebration I Blonde Redhead I Tarnation
Insides I A.R. Kane I Scott Walker I Lisa Germano I Clan of Xymox
Belly I Air Miami I Colourbox I Mass I Unrest I Minotaur Shock
Ultra Vivid Scene I Modern English I The The I 50 Foot Wave
Red House Painters I Johan Johannsson I Wolf & Cub I Spirea X
Heidi Berry I Rema Rema I Scheer I Swallow I Kristin Hersh
Breeders I Lush I Magnetophone I Cuba I Dif Juz I M.A.R.R.S.
Pale Saints I Xmal Deutschland I The Hope Blister I Dance Chapter

“It’s a labour of love, even a calling, if you want to get really spiritual about it. This is why 4AD should be championed to this day. 4AD never sold out; it never bought the major label lie; it still releases records many would probably find wilfully obtuse or impenetrable; for all its high-end production values, it’s mesmeric and mood-altering artwork – courtesy of Vaughan Oliver – it’s not a slick operation. 4AD release records because they need to be heard, not because they need to be sold. A subtle point maybe, but its ramifications are powerful enough.”


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