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(TBA) for President 2008

So, yes, the 2006 midterm elections have not happened yet, and its still two and a half years away until the 2008 presidential elections, but one year from now candidates from parties on both sides of the political spectrum will begin announcing their candidacy for president. As of now 2008 is especially unique as the sitting president is not eligible for a third term, and the sitting vice-president will not be running (unless as is constantly rumored Cheney will resign for health reasons and Condi Rice will be named successor). Thus 2008 is a wide open race on both sides. Despite Republican claims that Hillary has pretty much sewn up the Democratic Party nomination, this is horse shit. Just in 2004 for example even all Democrats said Howard Dean had the nomination sewn up, and out of nowhere John Kerry swept his way to victory. Republicans can ask for it all they want but they aren’t going to get their wish. Even 99% of my friends friends are Democrats and I don’t know a single one who wants her! So I wanted to list off my top choices thus far for both parties. Some may surprise and I’m sure I’ll get people yelling at me for it, but as liberal as I think I am, I think the president needs to be moderate, otherwise their is division. This is one reason why Bill Clinton was such a great president, or Dwight Eisenhower. All in moderation my good friends.


Mark Warner

Former Governor of Virginia.
This man is very popular in Virginia and left with office a 75% approval rating in a fairly conservative state. He did an excellent job of getting people to come to common ground, and that shows alot of leadership skills. Young, passionate and moderate, and the Southern vote never hurts.

Gen. Wesley K. Clark

Retired General, US Armed Forces.
This was my candidate in 2004 and if he runs, will remain my candidate in 2008. Highly intelligent and widely popular former General, and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the crisis in the Balkans. Moderate liberal, obvious leadership skills, and actual skills to know what it is to be Commander-in-Chief without anyone holding his hand.

Russ Feingold
US Senator, Wisconsin.
Popular liberal senator in a moderate state, and only senator to voted against giving the president authority to pursue action Iraq. In other words, the only senator that was thinking on his own. To me he seems to be a candidate who can appeal to both sides of the spectrum.


Chuck Hagel

US Senator, Nebraska.
I think I have seen maybe a maximum of 2 senators in the GOP who have had the guts to stand up to President Bush and his policies and say he needs to be held accountable, from the Abramoff scandal, to the Iraq war, to the wiretapping illegalities. A real small government conservative who puts country above party. Immensely popular in Nebraska with great crossover potential. I would highly support his candidacy.

John McCain
US Senator, Arizona.
I obviously dont agree with him on everything, but bottom line is he is a moderate conservative who is able to work and build bridges with Democrats. He cares about the environment, the over-reaching of lobbyists in Washington, campaign funding, and he can disagree with his political opponents without insulting them. He’s a professional in every sense, and if a republican is elected, we would be in good hands with him in the Oval Office. RepubliCain.

Condoleeza Rice
US Secretary of State.
Yes shocking I know, but I do think she would be a good president. I could be wrong, but as much as George W. Bush is a puppet of the radical right wing, I think Condi is a puppet of the administration. It’s simply my gut feeling. She’s highly intelligent, well educated and in my view has done a good job as Secretary of State despite this administrations policies. I can already hear my friends keyboards typing as you are saying ‘Are you out of your mind?’. Well take this into account first, which may outrage you more, I also think it would be a very good thing for this country to have a woman as president, and even more so a black woman president. I wouldnt vote for her for that reason alone. If I did I would have voted for Lenora B. Fulani years ago. But on top of her qualifications I think it would help break down alot of racial division to have a black woman take the role as Commander-in-Chief. It could help erase alot of prejudice, in my view. Unless shes horrible of course, and it might make things worse!

Ok thats all folks, let me know what you think! :)


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