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Unbelievable Negligence – Fung Wah Bus

Ok, last year two different Fung Wah buses caught fire in the middle of a trip from Chinatown to Chinatown, with the last instance passengers barely getting off the bus before it burst into flames. Now yet another serious incident bad enough that it made it to the AP wires.

People, please, STOP taking the Fung Wah bus. Do not ever take it ever ever again. Seriously, what the FUCK are you thinking? Maybe it seems attractive, a roundtrip from Boston New York City for only $30! WOW! Well guess what, pay just $10 more with Greyhound for a roundtrip ticket(by purchasing at least a day in advance, online only), and save yourself a trip to the UMass Medical Center, or any of our other fine medical institutions located between the Boston and New York City metro areas. I am sure Greyhound has issues as well, but not bad enough where buses explode 2x in a few months time, and turn over sending half the bus to the hospital cause drivers dont know to slow down when riding a curve.

They are a sad bunch over at Fung Wah. Ignorant, negligent and careless. Why South Station allows them as a tenant I have no idea. Pathetic.


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