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‘palatably appealing’

The Ineffable Mr. Wright announces …

“PT Barnum’s most opium-inspired kaleidoscopic carousel, replete with 2000 chartreuse bells and sapphire whistles, 13 sousaphone blowing cheetahs and 1 accordion playing Ganesh…it’s 3001 brass pipes bubbling and belching the symphony a caffeine-fueled Phil Spector composed on the Mighty Wurlitzer that appeared in last night’s dream dreamt by Dali, dictated by Roald Dahl: the sonically-glimmering soundtrack to a Post-modern filth fantasia starring Dawn Davenport sashaying through the ghetto of the East Village dripping head to toe in diamond-studded Chanel, shot in glorious Technicolor by John Waters and projected on a huge screen suspended high above Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World on a balmy, 72 degree night in late November….the southwesterly breeze carrying fuchsia flamingo feathers down to the Gulf of Mexico…and beyond…..”

Hear the Fairytale EP on MySpace

March 4th

What you see’s the Republic of Me.
What I see’s the Republic of You.
At the end of the day,
just the breadth of a rainbow gaze.

This is our sterling chance
to collide our stance.

Let’s go let go

I had a dream. I have a dream.

It’s all so revealing. Palatably appealing.


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