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(United Palace Theater, May 5, 2007)

The resulting sound is fiercely, ecstatically tribal: the sound of parties around beach fires.” – Telegraph UK

…at this point, like Prince, she’s a legacy artist. Her best work’s not necessarily behind her, but what is behind her is kinda genius, and whatever happens now is postscript. She has become this century’s zeitgeist artist … that alarming sonic tongue she uses to zap her diversity-conference audience’s sense of emergency, fragility, and pure animal panic. She also operatically exalts and exudes that most elusive and fanciful of human desires: untrammeled, untamable freedom, laid out to the pomo techno-tribalist beat all you earthbound E.T.’s now call home. What the funk were the Wachowski Brothers going for in that Matrix Reloaded rave scene? Nothing less than the pagan gospel church of Bjork in full-spectacle throw-down mode.” -Village Voice


Apollo Theater
May 8, 2007 w/Spank Rock

United Palace Theater
May 5, 2007 w/Konono N°1


(Audio really bad, but you can see some energy)

(Great energy and better audio on second half of this short clip)

An international traveller and a homemaker on various continents, Björk’s ancestry might be Icelandic, but she is the epitome of a global artist, a child of the Earth rather than merely an export of an island on a wind-blasted and ice-sheeted northern hemisphere. This is no sidestep, despite the recalling of past achievements; it takes one step back to fly a dozen forward, and leaves the listener bewildered at its incredible execution.”

…beats and colour are back, and it’s time to party. Yet it’s not at all as simple as that. Volta is a hotch-potch, a heady brew of strange and unsettling ingredients hop-scotched around by an artist who, a decade and a half since launching her solo career, still sounds like no-one else. Björk’s mind remains artistically open to just about anything, and on this album she sounds like she’s enjoying recharging it with another tranche of skewed new ideas.” –

(United Palace Theater, May 5, 2007)

Stunning, absolutely essential listening from a truly great artist of our time. No other artist can be credited with introducing such an array of avant-garde elements and production techniques so directly into the mainstream. It’s astonishingly beautiful.”

Björk’s vocals growl and rise in ecstasy in ways we’ve sorely missed since the ’90s. Björk, though, creates with the mind frame of a painter, with at least as much concern for the possibilities of the palette as for what the finished piece might communicate. If you get it, great; if not, at least you’ve exposed yourself to a potentially enriching experience. And, the deeper you delve, the more it has to offer.”

Here’s a mark of just how special Bjork is, how defined her artistic character: she can invite any amount of guests into the studio – African junk-percussion groups, futurist hip-hop producers, improv drummers, emotive torch-singers, Warp Records techno heads – and still come out with an album that sounds like no one but herself. Joyful, expressive, brave, intelligent: in short, another great Bjork album. (First single) Earth Intruders (is) an ecstatic, bounding war march.” – BBC

(Coachella, Indio, CA, April 26, 2007)

Volta is an intense jumble of rhythms and counter-rhythms that blend with her breathy free-form vocals to give the songs a tribal feel. It’s almost claustrophobic at times, as complex layers of percussion build and multiply until they’re not merely driving the music, they are the music. An album so confident in its experimental spirit that its eclecticism seems nothing short of captivating.” – Hartford Courant

With its pounding percussive rhythms, elaborate instrumentations and at times industrial beats, the music has a propulsive quality that is nearly engulfing.” – Yahoo

Forest fire-warmth.” -Stylus Magazine

Volta is Björk’s best album yet.” –

(United Palace Theater, May 5, 2007)

(United Palace Theater, May 5, 2007)

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Annual Spring Benefit “The Downtown Dinner” honoring Bjork, held at 7 World Trade Center, NYC (May 3rd 2007)
(L-R : Björk Guðmundsdóttir, film and video director (including numerous Björk videos) Michel Gondry, actress Natalie Portman, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer)


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