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Me & Miss B @ the MSG in NYC

Two days before a full moon, I saw Björk for 13th time, at a packed Madison Square Garden this past Monday. Instead of bothering with the hassle of bringing a camera, I decided to go and just enjoy myself, but I of course found some cool pictures and a few video clips from the show. Lasers, confetti, beats, OH MY! Also below is a tour recap from the just completed third leg of her world tour for ‘Volta’, covering Europe and North America again. Up next is South America, Asia and the South Pacific (WHERE I WILL BE SEEING HER IN NEW ZEALAND IN JANUARY! YEAAHHHH!)

Madison Square Garden – New York City

Madison Square Garden – New York City


Declare Independence

Army of Me



“She’s a lot of fun to watch, and as a singer she’s just incredible. She may pursue her muse to all sorts of weird places, and her accent might give her voice a tingly alien sharpness, but her range and control are just crazy. And she never even seems to be trying; her face never so much as turns red, even when she draws huge notes out forever.” – Village Voice

“Depending on who you ask, Bjork is either a genius or decidedly insane. Few artists can slather some fluorescent glow paint across their forehead, throw on a golden sack with frills to the nines, sing about holding a palm full of stars turned makeshift dice, and yet — in spite of all the lyrical and visual ornaments, courtesy of a cozy little residence on the fringe — still make perfect sense” –










Særún & Brynja of Wonderbrass


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