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Letter for my Dad

After my Dad passed away on July 21, I sent an email to my friends to let them know the news. I added a little snippet in the email about how one of the last things I heard my Dad say was that he wanted to ‘stick around’ so he could vote for Senator Obama for President. I felt he said this because he saw a lot of the values and aspirations he had in his life and work in Senator Obama. On a whim I decided to forward the email I wrote to the Obama campaign on the contact form on their website, in hopes maybe, just somehow, it would get to the Senator. Low and behold it appears it did, and today I received this letter in the mail. From looking at the signature under heavy lights to see how genuine this was (!!), there is no doubt he at least signed this. But from the words in the letter, I am pretty sure he wrote this as well. Its quite beautiful, and reading it to my Mom this evening, I couldn’t be happier and prouder for my Mom.


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