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explode posterAs much as i enjoyed films of the past few years that have so cringe-inducingly been labeled as ‘mumblecore’ films (seriously, what is that? – why the need to label everything to the point that the label becomes the story and not the subject at hand?!), specifically those by andrew bujalski (funny haha, mutual appreciation), they have always felt just NEAR perfect to me. now this movie that was finally released here this weekend for me reaches that perfection. its called ‘the exploding girl’. im not good at explaining why i like things – but i will just say this is a really beautiful film – without even attempting to be – at all. its quiet – it floats by – and nothing substantial really happens over the course of its 80 minutes. it lets itself unravel all on its own – to a conclusion or not? but thats what i like about it. to me it seems harder to make a movie about every day life – to somehow make that interesting enough to fill a theater and keep people involved…. as opposed to blowing things up and creating over the top drama and tension. i enjoy that as much as the next person, but this kind of movie just, i dont know, respects the audience more and its so much more rewarding because of it. even though these earlier movies i mentioned are great in their own right, something always felt just a tad forced (just a dash of ‘creating over the top drama and tension’). the exploding girl to me strips that all away while still remaining in that style/genre. its rare to see a movie on screen where the performances are so quietly and beautifully done that its almost like spying on friends because it feels so real….so RAW! HA! i guess if the characters werent so pleasant this could be a truly unpleasant horror film – but luckily they are exactly the opposite. to some this movie may come across as pointless, but that’s life i guess – and this movie captures it wonderfully. every element – beautiful beautiful stuff.


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