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bretOne of America’s THE WORLD’S greatest writers, Mr Bret Easton Ellis has written such “modern classics” as ‘American Psycho’, ‘The Rules of Attraction’, ‘The Informers’, ‘Lunar Park’, ‘Glamorama’, and his first novel ‘Less Than Zero’ which was called a modern day ‘Cather in the Rye’ when it was released in 1985 (the movie based on the book – IN NAME ONLY – is a pile of shit). His follow up to the latter, entitled ‘Imperial Bedrooms’ is out in June. What happened to Clay, Blair, Julian, and Rip?!?!? We shall see. In the meantime, click on the quote for the transcript of a recent, fantastic (and long) interview from Vice Magazine …

“There’s a sentimental view of Less Than Zero. It’s something that has taken shape around that book. It’s kind of “beloved.” And I think it’s also heavily misread by about half of its readers. I’ve met many people in the last three or four years since I’ve moved back to LA who tell me, “Oh man, I moved to LA after reading Less Than Zero.”

It’s those people that I never want to meet. Ever.


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