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I went to see the Conan O’Brien tour here in Boston last night with my friends Matt and Rachael – and it was bloody fantastic indeed! It was a lovely homecoming and he seemed happier than ever to be back in his hometown doing what was basically a classic variety show. From the Meatloaf Bat out of Hell blow up bat, to the “Chuck Norris Rural Policeman Handle”, to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Andy Richter and La Bamba, you couldn’t really ask for more – other than the countdown to November 8 moving a bit faster.   Below are some reviews and stories from the show’s road team.

O’Brien is an irresistible combination of smart and silly, self-deprecating and smirking. What’s not to love about a Harvard grad who calls himself Coco and uses the word “awesomesauce’’?” – Boston Globe

Boston Herald review
Boston Globe review
Team Coco post 1
Team Coco post 2
Conan’s Twitter entry


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