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Great article on Jon Gnarr Kristinsson, who last year formed the satirical political party The Best Party in reaction to the economic and political crisis’ in Iceland, and to their surprise they ended up winning a majority government in Reykjavik – making him the new mayor.  The rest of his coalition is made up of people in Reykjavik’s punk rock music scene, including Rass who I was lucky enough to see open for The Sugarcubes in 2006 in Reykjavik.

He’s also the star of the Icelandic TV comedy series “Næturvaktin” (The Night Shift), which led to two followup series (The Day Shift, The Prison Shift), and then a follow up movie called “Bjarnfreðarson”, which received the 2010 Edda Award for Best Picture (the Icelandic Academy Awards), which I saw on the plane to Iceland last week.  Great movie!

Watch his party will actually get things done for their city! Apparently they already have. Anyway, i think it’s about time Steven Wright or Bobcat Goldthwait became the mayor of Boston. I forsee a US chapter of The Best Party in the future!


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