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A phenomenal, epic post.

There are certain words that drive me absolutely batshit crazy – all of which are used to emphasize how good something is in one’s opinion.  From what I’ve noticed, these words tend to be used by obnoxious, less than informed music and film reviewers who have no true frame of reference as to what they are talking about.  I mean really, Animal Collective make some good tunes, but are they “genius”? Give it a rest.

This is just me getting this pet peeve of mine off my chest, but I would definitely be careful using the following words in my presence, or even in written form :


I assure you, Inception is not a “masterpiece”, it is indeed just a run of the mill movie at it’s core if you really truly think about it.  Oh – and that new album from Arcade Fire? It did not in any way take your breath away (“breathtaking”).  You can’t in one turn say they are influenced by Bruce Springsteen, and then turn around and say they are – oh here’s another one – “groundbreaking”.  Also, that new Harry Potter book is not in any way “phenomenal” or “stunning” – it is a kid’s book.  Please, as adults, let’s collectively set the bar a little higher, ok?

Oh, and for the record, if one more twit spells ‘lose‘ as ‘loose‘ I’m going to lose it! Did you really not pay any attention in elementary school?  Let this be exhibit A for when this 4th grade spelling bee champ finally loses it and goes completely grammatically insane.

Ok, that’s out of my system, so now for something to lighten the moooooooood …

Inception trailer – A CAPELLA

love ALLways,

Andrew W. Bush
43rd President of the United States of America


This Week’s Box Office Top Ten (circa 25 years ago)
Weekend of October 11-14, 1985 (Holiday weekend)

1| Commando
2| Jagged Edge
3| Silver Bullett
4| Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins
5| Back to the Future
6| Agnes of God
7| Better Off Dead
8| Sweet Dreams
9| After Hours
10| Invasion USA



  1. ghostlife

    HAHA! No – because you are actually informed – and not pretentious in the least :)

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