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What do Helen Slater and Rick Moranis have in common?

ANSWER! – They both starred in movies with incredibly underrated and unrecognized film scores!  See? That wasn’t so hard!  Not that anyone should pay too much attention to the Oscars, as fun as it CAN be predicting the winners & getting “upset” at who won and lost & watching all the fashion & all that gooey stuff.  But one of my pet peeves about the Oscars is how narrow-minded they can be even in who they nominate – across all categories.  Granted that at the latest ceremony they took one giant leap by expanding the number of movies nominated for Best Picture, which I thought was a great move (more movies get recognition for their achievements, and more competition makes the final winner more “legit” in a sense).  But still, they are narrow minded.  So many movies and actors and directors and cinematographers and writers go unrecognized year after year (Quentin Tarantino has still not received an award for Best Screenplay?!), and one category that is insanely and outrageously guilty of this is Original Score.  I’m probably just saying all this because of two film scores that I’ve always thought were vastly underrated, but who’s counting? Those film scores would happen to be for Supergirl and Ghostbusters.  Maybe the Academy was asleep at the wheel that year (both of these films were released in 1984)? Anyway, I’ll let the music speak for itself, so click on the poster for each to link up to the movie’s theme song.

Feel free to post a comment and call me crazy!

SUPERGIRL: Who are you?
SELENA: I am Selena, Diodenes of Catania, Priestess of Sekhnet. I am the Ultimate Siren of Endor. And you, little lady, are trespassing on private property.

RAY: Everyone can relax I found the car…. it needs some suspension work, and shocks, brakes, brake pads, steering box, transmission, rear end
PETER: How much?
RAY: Only $4,800!

love ALLways,

Andrew W. Bush
43rd President of the United States of America


This Week’s Box Office Top Ten (circa 25 years ago)
Weekend of October 25-27, 1985

1| Jagged Edge
2| Krush Groove
3| Commando
4| Back to the Future
5| Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins
6| Agnes of God
7| Silver Bullett
8| Better Off Dead
9| After Hours
10| Sweet Dreams


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