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2010’s Movies to LIVE for.

2010 was another good year for movies in my opinion.  Four in particular really stood out for me as “the cream of the crop”, but all of the movies below I highly recommend (and just click on the poster for each one to view the trailer!).  As the years have gone by I’ve basically become 100% convinced the only true way to experience a movie the first time (or any time really) – to fully see it as it’s meant to be seen – is to see it in the environment it was created for – on a massive screen, in a darkened theater.  It’s not only fair to the artists that created the films specifically for that venue, but to yourself! Did George Lucas intend for you to see Star Wars on your iPhone? Did James Cameron intend for you to see Avatar on your netbook? Not at home on your 50″ television, not on your 13″ computer and especially not on your 3″ telephone.  That is just pure cinematic blasphemy!  This goes especially for my top 4 of the year – Somewhere, The Town, The Exploding Girl, and Black Swan.  The latter is without a doubt the best of the year – a total “triumph” in film-making.  Basically if you don’t see Black Swan in the theater, (or if you’re home and you happen to have a theater sized screen and a theater quality sound system), you simply aren’t seeing it, experiencing it.  It is as perfect as you can get as an example of what a piece of pure 100% movie entertainment should be.  Beautiful, scary, fascinating, excellent performances, perfect classic storytelling.  Simply fantastic.  But all these are great, check them out one way or another.


love ALLways,

Andrew W. Bush
43rd President of the United States of America



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