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I think I’ve watched this clip about 20 times at this point and for whatever reason it just keeps getting funnier and funnier to me. It’s from that new 6-episode series Portlandia that just appeared on the Independent Film Channel (IFC) over the past few months.  It’s just spot on, from Fred Armisen’s character performance to, I guess, it’s message? That’s probably not the right word for what I’m trying to say, but whatever.  While we’re talking about IFC, how is that movies made by multi-million dollar companies, and make millions upon millions of profit, are somehow called “independent”?  For instance, IFC plays Pulp Fiction every now and again.  That was produced by Miramax, a huge company. Ok, sure not as big as Warner or Paramount, but they are huge, yeah? Is it just about that “independent spirit”, regardless of how much money is actually pumped into it to bring that to the screen? Eh, whatever.  Anyway, watch this clip for a laugh.  This blog is just full on OVER.


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