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So Broken.

Björk’s third album Homogenic was recorded from August 1996 to August 1997 in Málaga, Spain, and during her time there she was inspired by Spanish soap operas that aired on local television.  It led to her writing a song called ‘So Broken’ in which she was the protagonist in one of these shows, imagining herself singing this in her kitchen about a loved one.  In 2001, she performed this song on the UK show Later with Jools Holland, accompanied by two Spanish flamenco guitar players, and out of all performances she has done for more than 25 years now I find this to be her greatest moment – her beautifulest, most fantastic performance.  It’s also one I think almost anyone could enjoy, so I wanted to pass along to you, my devoted followers.  For some it may play against type a bit, but to me the quiet raw sound of this, it’s just gorgeous and makes more sense than almost anything she’s ever sang.  Enjoy!


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