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My Mom makes the front page …

… in December of 1986 a photographer from the Martinsburg Journal, our hometown daily in the great State of West Virginia, was walking around our Rosemont neighborhood when she came across my mother throwing a frisbee around with our beautiful golden retriever named Simon. She decided to take a couple snapshots, and the next day they ended up making the paper, rightfully – in my view – taking up more than half of the entire front page! Going through my parents belongings over the past year, bit by bit, I came across twenty copies of this paper. Instantly the memory popped in my head of my Dad coming home that day – announcing loudly with such pride that he brought home 20 copies of Mom’s big moment. And to find these twenty copies still all together in the same place, the same as they were 26 years ago, it was a bit of a surreal and wonderful moment.  And so I share as well, with pride, my Mom, where you can’t see her face … :)  Oh and my scanner wasn’t big enough for the entire front page, so I had to do it in two images.



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