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Ruby Sparks One Up.

I’ve been seeing a lot of movies lately – plan on continuing to step up my efforts – and I’ve been feeling the need to talk about them, so I am going to try and make an effort to utilize my fancy lil’ blog a bit more to do just that. So I shall start with this one. Don’t let that ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ reference on the poster scare you away (I disliked that movie immensely), as this one is pretty good. Zoe Kazan wrote it, stars in it and executive produced the shit out of this (or so that’s the rumor). I raved about her performance in the 2010 indie film The Exploding Girl, and her obvious talent continues to progress here. At times while watching this I tried to picture other people in her role, to see if I still was interested, and I am not sure I was. But her presence kept my ass in that seat, and it made it obvious to me that even if the movie may not be the most original groundbreaking flick out there, she is a star in the making with great potential and that makes this worth seeing. She’s gorgeous, charming, and magnetic. In other words, I am in love. HA! But seriously, it’s fun and lovely and not overly quirky and annoying as shit (see 500 Days of Summer for an example of that) as the trailers convey, and the supporting cast is great (Annette Bening, Antonio ‘The Bandana’ Banderas, VAMPIRE JESSICA FROM TRUE BLOOD, MAEBY FROM ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and Zoe’s off-screen boyfriend as well Paul Dano, who was surprisingly not as annoying as I was expecting – most of the time). It has it’s problems, and it’s far from perfect, but it’s interesting and fun, and her performance glows. If you’re into that, check it out. I give this, on a scale of 100, a total of 75 sparks off of whatever Ruby is smoking.


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