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The Campaign.

One might think a double team ticket of Ferrell/Galifianakis in 2012 is exactly what this country needs in so many ways. The Campaign proves that’s partly true. It is an accomplishment in the fact that it was indeed funny, and it was also indeed very silly and bizarre at times (which is what I am always looking forward to with these two). It also somehow accomplishes something remarkable in my view which was – in this political climate – to somehow have a bit of a message, or really just a few things to say, and it doesn’t feel preachy, nor does it suffocate the rest of the film. Overall it’s funny, a really good weekend afternoon catch-it-on-cable kind of good, but I just needed it to go further than it did. Politics – and especially politics of today – is extreme. It’s outlandish and ridiculous and laughable all on it’s own – and unintentionally so. Politics lampoons itself with very little effort. So for a comedy like this to work, it needs to be taken to another level of complete absurdity. At times we get that here (and I love the leads – so in the end I liked and recommend this), but it was hard to tell if the script was just weak at times, or if they were holding back on purpose. Like our politicians of today, I wanted a whole lot more than what was offered. I guess this movie mirrored today’s political world with more unfulfilled Campaign promises. I give this one 70 punches to a baby’s face. Or to a dog’s face. You can vote for either – it’s your choice.


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