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The cinematic elite of 2012.

Since I’ve already rambled on with reviews of a few of these films already, I’ll get off my soapbox for now. But here you go, the best films of 2012, all 8 of them. Why force two more into the list just to have the usual ‘Top 10’ if they don’t deserve it? You either are the best, or you aren’t. So I graded all the films I saw this year, after much thought, and those in the ‘A’ range receive this highly coveted recognition. It’s so simple! The rest of the grades are listed below – so scroll down for the worst of the year.

A few films were released in 2012 that I still want to see (Starlet, Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible), but they haven’t been released in my area yet, so they will have to wait until next year if they are good enough to make the cut.

Click the posters for my reviews or trailers!


A Separation
Celeste & Jesse Forever
The Comedy
The Imposter
Take This Waltz
Turn Me On, Dammit!

The Avengers
Liberal Arts
Safety Not Guaranteed

American Reunion
The Cabin in the Woods
Case de Mi Padre
Dark Horse
The Details
God Bless America
Jeff, Who Lives At Home
Paranormal Activity 4
Ruby Sparks
To Rome With Love

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter
The Campaign
The Inbetweeners
The Iron Lady
The Master
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The Sessions

The Dictator
This is 40

Project X
Red Hook Summer
Seven Psychopaths
The Watch

21 Jump Street
The Bay
The Dark Knight Rises
Five Year Engagement
Friends With Kids
Silent Night

Red Dawn



  1. Rachael Studley

    The Dark Knight Rises gets a “D?!?!”

    Everything else seems spot on.

    Sent from my iPhone.

    • ghostlife

      Unlike ‘The Dark Knight’ which I thought was incredible, this new one was just so so boring. So much more mass market than it needed to be. Haha I just looked up my Facebook review from July: “Loved the last one, near as perfect as it gets, but this was a hot mess. Choppy, all over the place, a terrible/laughable performance from the perennial bad actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and a script that felt like nothing but amateur hour. I should have taken notes so I could be more specific, but I wasn’t ready for something this dull. Bring on the death threats you animals!”. How thought-provoking haha.

    • ghostlife

      HAHA! I almost gave that one an F, but I couldn’t say it was as bad as ‘Red Dawn’. That wouldn’t have been fair. Happy New Year!

  2. There are some who call me...Tim

    Ok, so I’m just catching up on this blog and noticed you left out what may be a worse movie than Red Dawn. If you haven’t seen it yet, I believe it’s on Netflix now. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie…just see it and you will understand!

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