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You all are a lucky lot that I don’t actually post about Björk very often – because really I want to do it just about every single day. But this time I can’t hold back. Admittedly, most or all of you won’t like this video, but hear me out. In 1995, Björk released her second solo album Post, and on it was this song she co-wrote with Tricky called ‘Enjoy’. The following year an album of Post remixes was released called Telegram, and on that was a remix of this song by a British DJ named Outcast. Like most remixes, the music is completely redone, the vocals are spliced up, twisted and rearranged beyond recognition. For whatever reason Björk decided to play this remix version live … in front of thousands … at Wembley Stadium. Maybe another artist has done this before, but to this day this is still the only time I have ever seen a musician perform a remix of one of their songs – including performing the vocals exactly as it sounds in all it’s chopped up, remixed glory. The audio isn’t superb, especially at the beginning, but it’s a rare little gem, figuring she only did this once. From 1996 …


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  1. Sabrina Gravanti

    Tori has done this once with the remix of her song Professional Widow. Pretty cool stuff!

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