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Alarm Call.

This song, this version and this performance of ‘Alarm Call’ is pure joy, damn you! Yes it’s that time for another Björk song post. OK, it’s only my second on this blog I believe, but two in one year is getting out of control, I am aware of that, so bear with me. One of the qualities of Björk that I’ve always admired is her ability to get bored rather quickly. I think I admire it because I rarely possess that quality myself. ‘Alarm Call’ appeared on her third solo album ‘Homogenic’, and rather than perform it live the way you hear it on record on that very tour way back in good ol’ 1998, she did a different rendition. Although the crowd is relatively subdued in this clip, the aura of happiness this song emanates is quite profound – Björk has that quality in concert to just put a paint a smile on the face of everyone in the crowd. I’ll never forget hearing this version live and so glad there is a document of this performance. If that little dance move (thanks to those glasses of wine she has going on, surely) doesn’t make your day a brighter one, I just don’t know what to think of you as a human being, because “I’m no fucking buddhist, but this IS enlightenment“.



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