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Buzzfeed has a nice somewhat in-depth article out this past week on the making of one of my top five favorite movies, Clue, and thusly I wanted to share in case there are any other film obsessives out there who would surely find this is a good read. I guess in-depth isn’t the best description. It’s a pretty light read, but it’s long, and considering the fact that not much of substance is ever written on this film, the wealth of new information here is most welcome. This includes new interviews from screenwriter/director Jonathan Lynn, and most cast members who are still alive and not in serious health issues.

I’m probably one of the few that went to see Clue in the theater three times (thanks to my parents, not entirely begrudgingly I might add) in hopes of seeing a different ending each time, only to see the same one each time. We even went to different theaters, but alas it was the same ending. It wasn’t until the video release the following year, in which my parents bought me the $80 VHS (that’s $170 in 2013 after inflation) as it was released around my birthday and my parents knew how obsessed I was with it, that I was able to see all three endings. Of course the novelization I had read numerous times which had all FOUR endings didn’t cut it, so seeing all three theatrically released endings – in my own home no less! – continued my obsession. I’ve definitely seen this film at least 100 times by now, and it never gets old, and neither does my obsession. The original film score was released on CD a few years ago which of course I purchased on it’s release day, and now the entry to my home is graced by an original print of the theatrical one-sheet from 1985. Luckily the world – at least on a cult level status – has come to see the genius this movie has always been to me for nearly 30 years now, from year round midnight screenings across the country, to plays based on the original screenplay, to entire episode tributes by current television show Psych, the list goes on and on. It’s a beautiful, hilarious, genius and utterly gorgeous piece of camp perfection with pitch perfect comedic roles played by greats like Madeline Kahn (RIP), Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and the late Eileen Brennan. If you haven’t seen it I highly suggest you begin your obsession now. And if you know it already, get to reading that article, it’s a fun one.


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