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Björk | Biophilia Tour Fashions | 2011-2013

As I did for the Volta world tour in 2007-2008, I shall for the Biophilia world tour, which took Björk on week long residencies and festival shows during the past two years in Reykjavík, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo, London, Taipei, Toronto, Morocco, Costa Rica, and on and on. As I’ve said before, one trait I admire in her is her tendency to get bored very quickly. Probably because it’s a trait I don’t find within myself. Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows. But out of boredom comes creativity and most certainly a willingness to try new things. On every tour, songs are re-done, re-imagined, musicians are changed, and most certainly her desire to work with fashion designers who are doing things that in the very least can not be called boring. Bless her gorgeous Icelandic heart!



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