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As I spend months preparing my post about the 20th anniversary of Lush’s insanely perfect album Split (including an interview with lead singers and songwriters Miki + Emma), I’ve been re-visiting their entire catalogue. Who’s kidding who, I re-visit it often, them being one of my very top favorite bands. Whilst listening to this song ‘Untogether’ from their debut album Spooky, something about it inspired me think I should do a Song of the Week once in a while, so a Song of Week, Month, Day, a Song of the Whatever. Who knows if I’ll keep doing it, and who knows if anyone even cares. But this is where I start. A simple and straight forward song which for me strips Lush down to the basics, from the simple melody, to the biting yet very cheeky lyrics, to – for Lush that is – a bit of restraint on the effects pedals. It presents to you what I think Lush stands for, in simplest terms. Its not even close to being one of their best tracks, but it encapsulates them well. So there you go, sharing is caring.

I’m not offended by the things that you say / ’cause it’s such a predictable way to behave / Talk and insult me ’til you’re blue in the face / You were right, I was wrong, now does that make you happy? / I’m quite aware of all the bad things I did / You don’t have to remind me of why you dislike me / There’s no solution to the mess that we’re in / It’s so sad and so boring / I wish you’d just leave me alone


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