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Trees, Grass & Stones.

Right before I left for my latest trip (in a future of many I’m thinking) to Portland, Oregon a week or so ago, a friend of sent me a link to an EP by Drop Out Orchestra, a group I’d never heard of. He rarely sends me musical recommendations so I figured it must be something good – or there was at least a reason it was being sent to me now at this moment. So with time in short order I downloaded it onto my iPod and headed straight to Logan for my non-stop Alaska Airlines flight to PDX. Most of the EP was pretty lackluster to me, with the first track being an obvious stand out. All kind of an electronic disco of sorts. But I waited it out. I had time obviously, and hey I just paid a steep FOUR DOLLARS for this sucker, I’m going to get my moneys worth. And then the last track came on, and damn if this isn’t a fantastic track. I only listened to it once on the flight, but once I got to Portland I listened to it a lot, and it became the soundtrack of my trip. And a song title like ‘Trees, Grass & Stones’ only makes this soundtrack even better, with Portland’s beautiful natural environment of forests (in the city itself), trees, rivers, islands, parks, you name it, its a beautiful natural city – especially in the fall. So while you aren’t dancing your ass of to this song, you should check out the few pictures I took courtesy of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 (am I being paid to say that?), which you can view by clicking on the picture below. On my last trip this past November my goal was to take a lot of pictures, and as best I could. This time the goal was no pictures. But I couldn’t help myself, so I took a few (including a fair amount in Seattle), and here they are. And seriously, this song is so good. Get up, dance your day off, you deserve it.


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