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Blue Flower

With Mazzy Star releasing their first album in well over a decade last year, it was time to look up some old videos of theirs on YouTube, and I came across this clip of them covering a song by Slapp Happy on Later… with Jools Holland. The song, ‘Blue Flower’, was released on Mazzy Sar’s debut album She Hangs Brightly in 1990, and is also covered by one of the best bands ever to exist on 4AD, Pale Saints, on the 1992 US release of their second album In Ribbons (one of my all time favorite albums – nothing else sounds like it to this day). It’s not the most exciting performance, but it’s a beautiful song, and I don’t think I’ve seen Hope Sandoval look more beautiful than she does in this clip. Below is the Mazzy Star performance  and below that is the original music video for the Pale Saints version.

Mazzy Star :

Pale Saints :


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