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Off You.

I’ve never seen the scarlet / Or a riot or the violence of you
I am the autumn in the scarlet / I am the make-up on your eyes

‘Off You’, from The Breeders’ third album, 2002’s Title TK, is one of those songs where I’ve been completely FLABBERGASTED that it’s subtle beauty had yet to be given an appropriate visual accompaniment, nor had it become one of their most popular songs. ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Saints’ are fantastic and all, just to name a few, but come on now, THIS track is what it’s all about. Visually it wasn’t necessarily a music video, but more a film where I thought it could be given the most flattering setting. Then I went to see the latest Spike Jonze film, Her, and as much as did enjoy it, and the fact that someone recognized how beautiful this song is, I was horrified it was used in THAT of all films. Aside from it’s clearly tropical theme in some of it’s lyrics, and even in it’s sound I believe, I’ve always felt this to be a very bright song, and to me it just did not fit the dark, grey, dreary setting of Her. It felt near lazy to me that because a song was a slow, mostly acoustic song, that it couldn’t be bright and upbeat, and was instead considered downright depressing. I’m probably reading their intention completely wrong, but I can only go by what was presented.  ANYWAY, it’s one of my favorite songs from any artist, with it’s confident, relaxed vibe, Kim Deal’s gorgeous voice, and even more gorgeous lyrics, and I’ve been meaning to give it it’s rightful tribute, a blog post on the greatest website in the world. This one. Though not as good as this song. Pffft.


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