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GOOTYAM, Our 90s Television Show

Beginning in 1992, during the middle years of high school, a tight-knit group of friends that included myself, Matt, and Paul, later to be joined by Jim and inspiration from honorary members including Dan and Wayne, collectively known as “The Fellows”, created a movement that became known as GOOTYAM. With much blood, sweat and tears, a television show, the likes of which has yet to be seen since the inception over 20 years ago, was created at the Community Access Television station – Harron Cable channel 68 – in Halifax, Massachusetts (led by the iron fists of Ken Wheeler and Darlene Hollywood). Four episodes produced in four years. Brilliant, bizarre, groundbreaking, hilarious, and compelling. Or, as the bullies in high school said in their eloquent critiques, “Fucking queer. Made by weirdos.”.

So, after a 20 year wait, the tapes were painstakingly recovered, mastered and and uploaded for the world to see.  From the Carrot Wars and The Great Bird Dog Affair of 1948 in ‘Optical Effervescence’, to Rice Boy and Feetgum Finch in ‘Gases to Eggs’, prepare to see the world around you in a whole new light, including the friends – the stars and creators – you thought you knew so well, if you weren’t lucky enough to witness and experience firsthand the phenomena that overtook the South Shore and shook the foundation of small-town America in the early 90s.

Enjoy, and thank you for your support.






  1. Yung Mei Choi

    I have not heard about gootyam for many years but hopefully you will be impressed to know that I remembered this name even before I even read the post. :)

    Yung Mei


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