Born in Amish country, Lancaster PA specifically, so maybe im German or Dutch, depending on the meaning of PA D(eus)utch Country. Lived in the eastern panhandle of W. Va., MARTINSburg to be x-act for 6 years. Then to the dirty south shore of “Taxachusetts” at the ripe age of 11. Ahh Halifax, the town not the bank. Silver Lake Regional brought the likes of Matt, Jim, Dan, Jess and a million other punks, none more cooler than M(aria) J(ennifer), best mate for nearly 20 years. Then lil’ ol’ Rhode Island called, and i met my pal Brooke (the angel with no middle name). She’s rocked my world ever since from Chocolate City to NOO YORK CITEE. Now a 16 year veteran of Boston and the travel industry.

Who keeps me breathing now? The awards go to the aforementioned, MY LATE PARENTS, the amazing Ashley, Yung-Mei – Pete -and the Kay-Sam godchildren duo (no one makes me happier), Ms Courtney Cowgirl (I’m stealing that sorry), EMILY THE DIVA, Heather D, JoeBee, the Studleys, the sweetheart Meredith. Oh I could go on and on. But I won’t, because no one is reading this. Understandably.